Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best Traction on the River

Recently I started wearing new Chaco sandals with Pro Vibram soles, because my old Chaco sandals with 5.10 Dot soles wore out. Chaco no longer offers the 5.10 Dot soles, pictured above. The Pro Vibram traction is not as good. It is fine on dry rock, but not as good on wet rock, and nowhere near as good on algae-covered rock. Felt soles are great on wet and algae-covered rock, but not good as 5.10 Dot soles for general purpose hiking. After many years of being able to rely on sure footing with 5.10 Dots, I really miss them. When the time comes to resole my Chacos, I will try to buy the soles as a repair kit from fiveten.com and glue them on myself.

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